More Ink with Sean Baltzell

I had eye surgery on Friday so I utilized the down time (no driving for a few days, no gym, but oh yes ma'am to the narcotic pain medication) by hanging out with the gentle and civilized men of Tower Classic Tattooing: Sean Baltzell, John, and Carlos Perez.

Tower Classic Tattooing is located in The Grove on Manchester and is a Preservationist's wet dream. The interior is elegant: exposed ceiling joist framing, Hoosier cabinets, dark wainscoting, and antique barber chairs. Very early 1900s complimented with exquisite taxidermy and Sean's stunning watercolor designs mounted and framed on the exposed brick wall.

During visits to other tattoo shops I was usually uncomfortable with the aloofness of the artists. Being tattooed is an intimate experience with a stranger handling skin and in the past I've always been tattooed by women including Cynthia Witkin and Mo Malone. (I know, I know: Still haven't been tattooed by my BF Pat Fish) I was tattooed a few weeks ago when Mo was in town doing a guest spot at TCT and was impressed with the environment and the friendly men on site.

I've been back twice this week and am extending an endorsement. Sean is focused, accomplished, has developed sensibilities, possessed an immediate grasp of my design concept, and is charismatic. Charm in a tattoo shop.

Sean Baltzell:

Halfway through the outline and before color:


TTTStLou said...

In the lower level of the Art Museum is a model for a large sculpture that was in Lambert Field when it opened (as I recall). The model is maybe a couple feet wide. Anyway, this tatoo reminds me a lot of that work of art.

Christian Herman said...

Huh. Are you referring to a Siegfried Reinhardt piece? That's wild. I design my tattoos...this series was inspired by the golden ratio.