Wellston Loop Family Reunion & Exhibit

Steven Friedman and Andrew Raimist are hosting an event:
Wellston Loop Family Reunion & Exhibit.

"Wellston Loop Family Reunion & Exhibit" will take place on Saturday, November 21 from 1 to 3pm. A sidewalk exhibition of recent photographs and historic documents will highlight the community. The event will offer free food, drink, music and videos. The primary venue will be the former J.C. Penney Department Store (on the National Register of Historic Places) at 5930 Dr. Martin Luther King Drive, St. Louis, Missouri 63112.

We're inviting members of the surrounding community (past or present) who would like to share stories, photographs or videos of the neighborhood (Wellston Loop, Hamilton Heights and Wells/Goodfellow) from any era to submit them for inclusion and display.

Another significant building in the former shopping district is the Wellston streetcar transfer station from 1909. It is also on the National Register of Historic Places. This building has recently been awarded funding for a complete historic restoration scheduled to begin December 2015. It is the only building of its kind (streetcar station building) left standing in St. Louis.

You can email Andrew Raimist at: raimist@wustl.edu for further information and if you would like to contribute to the volunteer efforts making this possible.

We could use help getting the building and surrounding streets ready to make the best impression on visitors to the area. J.C. Penney Department Stores began in St. Louis. They had older stores in the Wellston Loop area before constructing a modern "International Style" department store in 1948 designed by William P. McMahon & Sons Architects. The store remained in operation through 1976 and has been underutilized since then. The building offers amazing raw industrial spaces, natural light, more than 50,000 square feet of open floor space and much more.

We're asking the public to submit their stories, images and other materials to make the exhibition OF and FOR the neighborhood itself.



Seared Tomato and Brick - A Narrative Landscape

My grandfather owned this building on Morgan Ford.

Limestone Pavers - Going, going, gone

This is how the roads in TG Park looked before asphalt. They were made of limestone pavers.
I like to imagine how horse hooves sounded clopping over the stone.
Some gutters remain but most of them were covered.


Vitrolite A Go Go

Tim, The Vitrolite Man, was hired to remove the burgundy vitrolite from the former Hesselberg Pharmacy on Hartford and S Grand.

It's a sad day.



I'm doing a documentary on a wee Golden and her interest in Greek Mythology.
You can expect a documentary by someone else since that's what happens to my ideas.
Thanks for your supportive emails over the years on the subject :)


Hot Time Summer in the City

Having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave. Morgan Ford and Juniata St in Tower Grove South. The bricks of Three Monkeys and a sunset over 7-11. Welcome to our corners.


Saying Goodbye to The Kingshighway Street Viaduct

Why is the parapet open on my left side to traffic? There was a bus stop on both sides at the top of the viaduct. Employees of the former Ravarino & Freschi Pasta (R & F Pasta on Kingshighway and Shaw - NE corner) used this bus stop.

View from one former bus stop looking across Kingshighway at the northbound stop.

At the bus stop looking south.