Alderman Larry Arnowitz Gives Me What For

A few weeks ago when Ferguson erupted with the shooting death of an unarmed teenager Alderman French was the only St. Louis City alderman who was on the scene. Ferguson is a 16 minute drive from my house but that doesn't really matter because what happens in Ferguson happens all over St. Louis.

I was impressed with Alderman French for driving the few miles from his 21st ward to Ferguson and being involved. I posted words of support on his Facebook page. I was proud of him for being on site.

And then, an Alderman I'd never heard of, Larry Arnowitz of the 12th Ward, starting sending private messages (below) to me. I suppose this is because I was the only white face on French's post and Larry Arnowitz wanted to set me straight.

FYI: One does not need to be literate to be an alderperson in STL and here's the proof:


What happens when a Roof on a Brick Building isn't Maintained

But hey, here's the anatomy of an exterior elevation which shows reveals three the standard three wythe of brick.


Homage to Spike Japan

Wake up I wait for your heart. I thought of pachi guy and his spike when I saw the below. But unless you've read the blog, Spike Japan in its thrilling entirety well...it's sort of like watching the movie Naked Lunch without having read the book. You just aren't going to get it.

Made by Hand

These bricks were formed and fired by hand then loaded onto carts pulled by horses. This house was made by hand, the bricks rubbed by hand to create the wedges used below. The beautiful mortar is going soft.

I Ching Bricks

Urns & Black Brick - Clifton Heights

I'm always flummoxed by the neoclassical urns atop buildings in St. Louis.

Elusive black brick used here as a design element.


Baby's New Shoes

Antique Mortar Mix

Feldspar and Quartz:

Listing Utility Poles & Trees

Red Glazed Brick & Mortar

This is my first spotting of the elusive red glazed brick. It's has a deep berry color. We've all seen stained rose color mortar (right?) but this is a red mortar. It was a very exciting morning.

The bottom row of these glazed bricks shows the surface has popped off. What's beneath was fired differently and will crumble quickly.

Door Fence

Many years ago I admired a gorgeous collection of doors in Midtown/CWE that someone had used to make a fence. It was about 75 feet long. While I love the reuse to discarded doors I've deep sorrow that these quarter sawn oak doors weren't appreciated in their original use. Better here than a landfill.