I'm doing a documentary on a wee Golden and her interest in Greek Mythology. You can expect a movie soon since that's what happens to my ideas. Thanks for your supportive emails over the years on the subject :)


Hot Time Summer in the City

Having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave. Morgan Ford and Juniata St in Tower Grove South. The bricks of Three Monkeys and a sunset over 7-11. Welcome to our corners.


Saying Goodbye to The Kingshighway Street Viaduct

Why is the parapet open on my left side to traffic? There was a bus stop on both sides at the top of the viaduct. Employees of the former Ravarino & Freschi Pasta (R & F Pasta on Kingshighway and Shaw - NE corner) used this bus stop.

View from one former bus stop looking across Kingshighway at the northbound stop.

At the bus stop looking south.