Garages go better with Coke

Spotted while driving down an alley at twilight in TGS.

Is this the hoosier version of an outdoor refrigerator?


What's the fate of this building?

I've adored this little stone building in McDonald Park ever since I was a child. My grade school, Holy Family, had lunch recess in this park during nice weather. The concession stand and restrooms were open.

Now the paint is peeling along the top canopy and the front is partially covered with graffiti.

One of my neighbors suggested that this building be demolished.

I've suggested a different use: renting it to a student (or anyone) in exchange for being a presence and picking up litter. The cost of adding a shower to one of the bathrooms and turning the other bathroom into added living space would provide a small efficiency and cost less than a demo to the building.

Plumbing and electrical currently exist on site.
Can it be saved and put to use?

I'm going to FWD this post to my 10th ward alderman, Joe Vollmer who has been wonderfully supportive with Marti's Memorial garden which will be located 100 feet away.

Concession stand window.

Side view.
Note the chewed bottom of the door.

The graceful curve of the back of the building.

Standing water under the sprinkler: