4200 Folsom and McRee

Photos from my walk today on the above blocks.
Elaborate corbels:

Bricks that cast shadows on themselves give me the willies:

Stellar brick columns:

I was with riding with Christopher Thiemet last month when we spotted a building being razed. We saw this old wall advertisement which is called a ghost sign because its faded but this one of the old Star Saloon and Cafe is in great condition.

Hey, velvet isn't smooth it has a nap...then again the silk velvet of the time was rather smooth. Ever seen a velvet loom and how it is cut?

The site:

On the west side:

This old substation with its Deco facade reminds me of the bathroom in The Deco Fortress (friend it on FB):

My favorite smokestack in St. Louis and it's an Octagon:

I marveled at my brick karma when I encountered this Hydraulic paver: