A Dream about My Forever President. 2016

In my dream I was in a massive hotel looking over a swelling river under an ashen sky. A lot of official people were snarling at each other.
Some doomsday situation was going down. Perhaps the river had ruptured and exhausted lives. Maybe the sun was leaking and we were all quarantined. Something.
I had a bossy management position where comprehensive and authoritative decisions were expected.
I was tired. My teeth hurt and were being crushed by other teeth.

The party was contrived and rife with men.
I gazed at the bulging river through distorted hotel glass.
I liked the music being played in the room, upbeat in contrast to the view.
Barak Obama walked into the room and I suddenly felt relief.
Instantly everything changed. Someone offered him a drink. The party chatter became smoothing, the clouds started to fade.
He was relaxed, happy, and not self conscious. People were taking photos of him with their phones.
I asked him to dance and he stared at me. I usually say the wrong thing so I only mildly flinched at his non response. You're so short, he said. It would be like dancing with a child. I winced and my party dress withered.
He lifted me onto an ottoman with casters and this is how we danced. With my hand on his shoulder he slid me about the room. You can fix anything, I told him.
No, he said, I just know how to dance.


Baby's old Shoes


In the 50s and 60s the fastest way to weaken a labor union was to locate the smartest, most vocal organizer and promote him into management.
None of them could resist the pay increase.
Over dinner with K one night I wondered if this technique was by turning rappers into actors: Ice Tea, Ice Cube, DMX, Snoop, Tupac, Mos Def, Ludicris, RZA, Dr Dre, etc.
K: Well let's see, you find the strongest inciteful voices that have the attention of a certain group of people....yep.
K wearing my silver charm bracelet circa 2019:

I'm a Dog bed

New Breed

New Breed was a circa 1973 label. I found this in my warehouse today. Mod men's shirt, deadstock, factory folds still obvious, and check out that matching clip on tie. Pocket print matches the shirt. A rare glance back. Union made :)

Two of my Three favorite colors

I'm obsessed with Prime Numbers

Baby is ill

I spent 1.5 hours in my car yesterday while Bellie was inside the Vet's office getting an IV of fluids, injections of meds, scripts, blood work, and special food which she is ignoring. She is ill. Bloody diarrhea = colitis. Vomiting. Worse, she can't tell us how she is feeling.


My First Loves in Life

Bakelite which I was collecting as a teenager. And those wild, Czech glass pendants in gold plated filigree.


Sitting in the sunbeam with her face raised to the light. Her love of sunlight makes me think she was kept in a box or garage. She was up to 41 pounds in this photo. She'd surrently at her correct weight of 58 pounds: The worlds smallest Golden due to being forced to breed at 6 months and never achieving her adult body size. This also happens to humans.

Your Daily Golden Moment

Bellie meets an Infant

And then she fell in love. I've never known a dog creature such as her. She looked up at me to share her awe and joy.

1960s Moonglow Lucite bangles


Sidewalk Makers Marks / Sidewalk Stamps

A few remain in my neighborhood.

My Office