Last week I made a lot of bubbles to entertain myself. It was a five hour show with two guests.

I am a Dog Bed

We were cleaning after the Thanksgiving week of gathering when I fell prone to the sofa.
Dog taught humans many things inculding how to love and how to be sneaky.



Retractable Awning

A vintage retractable trailer awning on a home.
Considering how little sunlight this south facing house gets this was a brilliant idea.

Your Daily Golden Moment

Suicide house

I am claustrophobic.
This house is 11' wide with tiny windows on one side in the back and no windows on the other side.
That's becuase siding is cheaper than tuckpointing.
Somehow a staircase is inside this 'home'.
Spotted in The Grove just before I hit the gas and peeled rubber outa there.
It makes me want to start a fight so I'm staying inside today.
But check out what's to its left! They ran out of yellow paint and didn't destroy the porch.


My Daily Golden Moment

As soon as I recline on the sofa pillow she wraps herself around my head. I think this is because my communication center is on my head and she wants to be near my voice.

The Fifth Decade. 2012

Totally thick.

Heaven is a place where nothing ever happens

Cirrus over East St Louis

We rescue dogs

We rescue dogs without thinking of each other.
With zip ties, we attached a tree branch with limbs to a utility pole. We hang coats on it that we buy at the thrifts. We roll washed socks & gloves into the pockets.
You can also do this if inclined. Just watch the weather to avoid rain in the forecast.
Post a sign that says Free Coats.
Do not photograph yourself doing this. Don't make it about you.

The Fall

That day all of us limped home.


Downtown Famous Barr Escalator

Yours Truly worked at the DT Famous Barr in the mid to late 70s. It was quite the retail landscape.
I recall this escalator on one of the upper floors. By the time I worked there the lower floors had been replaced with wider, steel escalators.
Not my photo:

From the beautiful arboretum that is my back yard

Also known as Tower Grove Park. Along with photos fromt he Street where We Live.

Cirrostratus Clouds. Personal favorite


Living Room Gallery

Hospital Stay. 2016

Eating rotting racoon meat is always a mistake. Been there!

The Back Stairs

Japanese Maple and Willow leaves.


A rare Edwardian platinum filigree necklace with a seed pearls, mine cut diamonds, and faceted glass pendant.

Blackjack Oak acorn

The Blackjack oak acorn is my favortie. Big Burr oak acorns come in second.

Our Golden Life

It's always take your Daughter to Work Day


She was beginning to enjoy the world.
Still somewhat bald from the puppy mill. Such a brave dog.



So I'm having lunch with this man I've been hanging with and I notice we're both dressed in black.
I say: Hey, the mortuary called and they want their suit back. Showing out my wit, right?
He scowls at me and says: Hey, the CONVENT CALLED AND THEY WANT THEIR VIRGIN BACK.
As I blushed the server (a friend of his) looks at me and says: So, what's it going to be?

10 years later, I don't recall who that was.

Your Daily Golden Moment: Hair of the dog

A Welcome Home

On the Street where We Live

50s soldered Brutalist brass chain necklace

CRAY! It sold for mucho.

After this photo it became a toy. Hahahaha.

Smoking hot w/ anger and giving me the stink eye.

Cats Cradle over SIS Correctional Institute