Dreaming about My Forever President

In the dream I was in a massive hotel with a lot of official people looking over a dark and swelling river.
Some doomsday effect was going down. Perhaps the river had ruptured and exhausted lives.
Maybe the sun was leaking and we were quarantined.
Something inense.
I held a bossy management position. Comprehensive and authoritative decisions were expected of me.
Disaster management.
I was tired. My teeth hurt and were being crushed by other teeth. The party was contrived and rife with white men.
I gazed at the bulging river through distorted hotel glass.
I liked the music being played in the room, upbeat in contrast to the view.
Barak Obama walked into the room. I felt relief. I grinned at him.

The sun appeared all crisp and new.
The mood instantly changed. Someone offered him a drink.

He was relaxed and happy.
People were taking photos of him with their phones.
I asked him to dance and he stared at me.
You're so short, he said. It would be like dancing with a child.
He lifted me onto an ottoman with casters and this is how we danced. My hand on his shoulder as he slid me about the room. I was laughing with delight.
You can fix anything, I told him.
No, he said, I just know how to dance.


What I do in the Winter when I can't be in the Garden

I look up and as the earth turns so does the light display.

Movie Stills from my Narrative

Rainbow at the Junction under Cirrus.
My relentless obsession documenting the number 3 which is the lucky prime in Math Theory.
For my funny Valentine.



The Rainbow/Prism Gallery

My crystal display in the south facing living room window shoots crystals throughout our house 42 feet back into our bedroom.

Making Things out of other Things

I am challenged by materials. It's my primary motivation.
I can find something in an alley and instantly see it in a finished project.
I don't call this imagination, it's too immediate. It's not even a process. I can see it transported into a beautiful thing.
maybe it's alchemy.
I used to design jewelry and developed a business with three sales reps. My jewelry was in all midwest and southwest galleries and museum gift shops including SLAM, The Walker Museum, and The Art Institute of Chicago.
I stopped designing jewlery when the internet flattened the market and started designing other things: clothing, belts, curtains, hats, etc.
Here's another belt that I made.

We make Things out of other Things

Pat Tassoni creates mind blowing upcycles.
I have one of his Space Needle Lamps and so should you.

It's His Birthday

Pist turned 50 yesterday. It was a sunny morning for a crisp drive to Beaumont Antire. I was treated to a flawless performance of Chopin's etude in G# minor op.25 no.6.
I was also presented with a freshly cut gate key (hahahaha)
Pist was wearing a long silver ring.
What is that, I had asked.
What happened to the rest of it, I asked.

I could hear my laughter echo through the Valley of Sighs.
It looks like this.

Love Explained: Your Daily Golden Moment

Cloud Spotting

Cumulus and altocumulus are my current favorites. Three views of the same cloud.

Bakelite and Moonglow Lucite

The delightful life of a Collector. This is my income. Treasure hunting, finding it and reselling it. In the interim I wear it.

The Tea House and The Yard

Dear Boi

Old photos of poor Dear Boi who was my constant companion until she was dropped so many times her antlers broke.



Photos of Bellie by our Airbnb guest, photographer Ken Mostek. He remains a treasured friend.