Happy Halloween from Beau (RIP)

In The Wild

I found this at the FP Goodwill store.
This is a rare blue Crown Trifari Necklace & Bracelet Alfred Philippe Blue Fruit Salad necklace and bracelet set from the 50s. Scored for 1.99, sold for $225.
Man, I love my gig.

The Sixth Decade

Delighted to have found a scarf in The Wild that almost matches my 80s plaid jacket. I was wearing this yesterday in Cracker County, IL and was called a 'liberal mess' by a passing woman.
I suppose plaid indicates a uniform but bish, I'm much more to the Left.

Alley Find

Placed it next to a dumpster.

On the Street where I lived for the first 18 years

With Juan. Photo by Jared Gastreich, 2015.



Puddle of the Sky

Vintage Mexican Rabbit



From a generation of menfolk who had the ability to ideate via years of tinkering in the garage. Men who took Shop classes in high school and were challenged towards results and, as a result, had self esteem and confidence.
These men were kids who learned about mechanisms and engineering while playing with their train sets.
My dad was one of them.
On either top side of this garage rear view mirrors had been mounted to allow a view of the alley when exiting.

Busch. The Maternal wing

My grandfather was William (Wilhiem) Busch.
First chair. STL symphony Concert Master.
During the Depression he travelled the country to chase work.
From Enright to Hortus Ct so his children could attend Roosevelt.


I vant to suck your blood! Happy Halloween.

I took this gun off a kid in TGP


I'm a Hollywood Darling

This man's father bought a hyper rare Orry Kelly necktie via the 1920s from me.
Kelly was making these while he was in NYC with the help of his then lover, Archibald Leach, who of course became Cary Grant.
He sent this photo today along with:
Hi Christian,
My son really liked his birthday gift! I’ve attached a photo he had taken at Hearst’s Castle. He is on one of their Boards. They had an event Sunday which gave him an opportunity to wear it.
The NY Times interviewed him about the tie during the event. I don’t know if/when they will use the interview. Thanks again!


My Familiar

The crow slams into the window, drops to the sill, glances at me with embarrassment and hops onto the mantle.
I've had a bad day, loaded with physical pain but void of content.
Tears crash to my chest. The crow is watching my reflection in the mantle mirror. I can't stop crying. I am thinking of being in the ER today and the woman in the room next to me who wouldn't stop sobbing. I listened to understand her pain and realized she was crying about a loss.
At first I was annoyed since I was trying to read. When I became aware of my selfishness, I was very ashamed.
Now I am crying with frustration and about all I won't be able to righten.
Your eyelashes are sparkling, the crow says, there's glass dancing around your eyes.
I don't have any eyelashes he says looking in the mirror.
He sighs.
He does a soft shoe in the dust, a small sweeping of tiny steps, a hissing really, then he stops and takes a bow.
The bow is more of a harsh jerk, graceless. The crow blinks at me but just the once.
I smile.
Clean up the glass, he says, Wake up and smell the coffee.

Oct 2014

Bellie had been with me for 3 weeks. ABout one month before the tape worm inside of her was discovered.

Power Selfie. 2015

Waiting for the son.

My favorite Bird

I've only seen one Indigo Bunting in my life and it was in Sullivan, MO. It was a brilliant blue. And then there's my collection of vintage illustrated bird books :)


Your Daily Golden Moment

Evidence that CBD treats have made her a different dog: She's added my shoe to the collection she's gathered and is pretending that it's not there when I asked about it.
Also? She LOVES to rip up strands of beads.
Dawgs are wiley

Humane Society Logo

23 years ago I owned a retail store on S Grand.
One day a woman at the counter was chatting to me about her gig at the HS and their recent move from across the street. How files hadn't been kept. We don't even know who designed our Logo, she said.
James Hogan designed it, I told her. Circa 1975 while he was teaching at FPCC.
He also designed the St Louis Zoo antelope logo.



Home of Cujo.

Kathleen Pritchett writes about teaching at St Patrick's School in East St Louis

It was a wonderful experience for a student teacher. We were supervised by the nuns who were very understanding and helpful. I always enjoyed eating lunch with the ladies (nuns) because they were so honest and refreshing in their perspectives.

The interior if I remember correctly was rather plain. But, there were glazed bricks in the hallways. And, of course it had that 'old school' smell: paper, varnish, glue. Everywhere inside the school was clean and orderly. The students were use recycled paper, crayons, glue, etc. which helped. (I brought used office paper for coloring time.)

I seem to remember a pretty courtyard in the middle of the school.

All of the basic subjects were taught in 1st grade. And,it was expected that the student would learn no matter how challenging. Older students from the upper grades were assigned to younger students who were having a difficult time in any given subject. It was done is such a kind and helpful way. And, of course, religion was taught.

The classrooms were large, but I remember the class I taught within had about 60 first-graders. We had them stacked everywhere! Now, the State of Illinois would not allow such numbers. But, I always remember all of the students from young to oldest, had such manners and respect. They were such happy kids who were full of love. And, St. Patrick's did not have many disciplinary problems. (Yes, the nuns could give a student the 'stink eye' one time and then, very few problems after that.)

Once, I had a tour of the old nuns quarters: very small bedrooms with a bed, table and desk with light. At one time, I suppose the school had many sisters teaching there and all the classrooms were open. There were about 30 of these bedrooms.

One older nun who I often chatted with told me how she hated the her heavy habit and all of the bells & whistles to it she had to wear. She told me hers was a dark brown color with several layers. She only had 2 complete habits. At the end of the day (especially after recess duty) , she would be drenched in sweat and had to hand wash her habit each evening. (She was very glad after 1965, the full habits were not required anymore for her order.)

I would daydream at times, imagining how the school looked and sounded in the 1930s, 40s and 50s. I did not go to a Catholic school during my elementary education, but my husband did. He told me many stories of his elementary days' antics. In the 50s, the tuition very very low per child. In the 80s, when my children went to a Catholic grade school,it was $225 per month for of my daughters. Now, it is like paying college tuition (especially in the St. Louis Catholic schools). The neighborhood was nice and full of wonderful people too. Often,the mothers or grandparents would help out during the day.

In all, it was one of my best teaching experiences. Today, modern school buildings do not seem to have the 'soul' of older buildings from past times. All the older buildings which had several floors are being torn down for the flat, sectioned type building. (Of course, fire regulations, etc dictate that.) It would be nice to find if someone has documented older schools in photographs.

Kathleen Pritchett


The Sixth Decade

Wearing a handmade wool beret by Angela of FolkOwl on Etsy.

How I like to start the day by Bellie Herman

Roll over in the bed to remove the blanket whilst deftly doing a tumble and landing on my feet. It's Ballet!
Execute a stretch.
Walk around the bed and look at my sleeping Mah'mm.
Remain in position until she opens her eyes. After 15 seconds place my wet nose on her face and she'll get up and open the yard door.
Sniff everything. Back inside, eat breakfast by doing a slow slide to the bowl.
Pick up a stuffed baby and parade with it room to room for 15 mins. Hide the baby.
Place head on moms lap while she is typing.
Lay down, roll over, and do the shimmey on my back.
Time for a nap!
Place wrist over nose for warmth. When Mah'mm sees me doing this she says, She who smelt it dealt it.


The ability to see

The shadow of an old telephone pole beneath a cell phone tower.


I'm truly happy!
I rolled in possum poop, ate a lot of grass, rubbed grass stains onto my head, and am now Mah'mm is waiting for me to upchuck!

Cheap Sleeps

A variation on this building appeared in my dreams years ago. It was called Cheap Sleeps and it was a business I operated with my business partner, J Depp. Yeah, that guy.
The structures on its sides were sleeping chambers in my post nuclear landscape dream.
It was a recurring dream.
I owned the business with Johnny who I hated and thought of as a slacker. I had to maintain the building.
In my dream it was a cor-ten steel structure shaped like a silo with cigar shaped sleeping chambers attached.
It had a lift inside and people could rent it for 9 hours.
It had a blue neon sign that proclaimed, Cheap Sleeps.
I love how my brain works when I'm not thinking!
And sometimes a cigar is just a cigar!
Not my photo of the Shizuoka Press and Broadcasting Center by architect Kenzo Tange was built in Tokyo, Japan in 1967.

Say my name

Canna Puddle



The McPherson House

My former CWE residence is for sale.
This Federal style, 16 room mansion is where I adventured for over a decade.
I published Velocity there, had a huge studio on the first floor, a garden in the yard, and the entire third floor.
Int he fall and winter hundreds of crows roosted in the back yard tree tops.
Armin was usually with me.
I travelled extensively and spent smonths at a time in SF. I maintained the house for the owner so I didn't pay rent.
I moved 26 years ago and am saddeded to see its current condition. Especially the third floor roof damage and the brick blow out on the east wall.
And, that kitchen.
What I loved best was the pair of massive hinges on the vestibule doors.
These aren't my photos but the realtor's.