Richard. Pt 2

UPDATE: According to the blog counter this post has been read 4xs more than the others. Hafuckinghaha.
X, long time friend who reads here, emailed to say: That asswipe used to stand directly behind you at Heartbreak Hotel and stare at me whenever I tried to talk to you!(1*) No one understood why you were with him!(2*) We weren't his crowd. He was neither a musican or an artist.(3*)

OP: I was followed through the grocery store yesterday by an old & fat, bald man. I became aware of him when I lifted my phone to read a text and saw him over my shoulder staring at me. Aisle by aisle, he tailed closely behind me.
Weary of it, I reversed my cart mid aisle and bumped his cart behind me as he was trying to swerve. Oh, so sorry, I said as I looked at him. He quickly turned his head away. I noticed he was wearing doll eyeglasses.
An old man wearing *tiny* doll glasses, I was telling a friend later in the day.
Hold up, she said, I know who that is, we're online friends, and I'm texting a photo of him. She added, I *always* thought his photos look like yours. Now I know why, he stalks your blog, too!
With the photo she sent I realized I've seen the furious fat fuck walk and drive SLOWLY by my home several times. I've seen him while reading at my desk.
Dude, you are batshit cray.

#MeToo #ToxicMasculinity #GetOverIt #YoureAStalker #StillALoser #YouveLetYourselfGo #Dude40YearsAgo



Go with a man who speaks French.

Hey Bill

Update: What, you want the world premier? That would be so much fun!
I finally have all of that front & back yards video - 28 hours of it - edited and ready to go.
30K will cover it.