Your daily Golden Moment. 2015

Belle the tiny Golden is afraid of the garage since it houses the car. She hates the car.
She stands at the door to watch me work in the garage.
It is saddening.


The silence you overpaid

Last Kiss

We of the no

Leaking murder

Chippewa Viaduct

Historic granitoid.
It was Portland cement–aggregate combination that was intended to bridge the gap between the needs of horse drawn vehicles, which required sure footing, and automobiles, which needed a hard, resilient surface, in the earliest part of the 20th century.
When I was a child in TGS all of the streets and sidewalks were Granitoid as were the street lights. Rain would freeze in between the stones and the cement and create holes. The solution was a cover of horrible black asphalt which is still being used.
This is on the top of the viaduct on Chippewa. My sister and I explored here for decades.
Post from 2010: https://stlouisbricks.blogspot.com/search?q=viaduct


That day you broke my name

The rhythm of sorrow

Weight plug

How I explained morning

The key in your name, the primes

Understanding the blood cards

Open fist with fives

The spine of morning

Hoist of time