Angry about the bath she refused look at me.

My B-Day and the Walks Won't Wait

Many decades back the love of the life (the first one) renamed me Walks Won't Wait.
The name was a private joke (he was Native Amercian) but others heard it and it became my public name in a different city.
Eventually I was called Walks and sometimes Walker.

Anyway. Pist is extravagant and convinced I will walk.

The Mailman's Best Friend

Little Bellie asing Allan not to leave.

Beau and the Love of His Life

Beau was very much my dog and I was his guardian. But when it came to his true love, well.


Baby Love

I did a sneak climb to the nest while Mom was gone, lifted my phone, and BOOM, Mom came back and went nuclear on me.


Thanks, P.

Rose Fanning School

This is where I attended kindergarten. In a William Ittner building. It was a three block walk from my house and I walked it daily. Unescorted. My mother walked me there the first day so I would know the way there and back home. In retrospect, I'm schocked.


My CSA Garden

Red romaine and various other lettuce, celery, peppers, sweet peas, purple and green kale, spinach seedlings, tomatoes, herbs that includes purple basil and chocolate mint.
Membership is full.

Airbrush Cloud

Cirrus over my tea house.



Spring, incessantly robust, leaned on the bell today and brightened the porch.
It was wearing a smile hedged with teeth and green, Hollow Men eyes.
Barrel chest. Barefoot. Tattered gown and moldy hair.
It carried a clip board of rotten winter paper and rows of extinguished phone numbers.

The tree I planted across the street many years ago to grace my view.


North St Louis

One of the two women running for Mayor of St Louis City (she's going to lose) is talking about going after NSTL landlords over lead paint.
Lead paint a city wide issue.
As a landloard here in south city I must provide tenants with lead paint disclosures.
She is clueless about poverty. Clueless.
Bando North St Louis City. Location: North of Delmar, South of Natural Bridge, between Skinker and KSHWY.