East Belleville

Greek Revival and Italianate homes. The architecture in Belleville is fabulous.



Pretty Bellie

So pretty she kissed herself in the mirror and held the pose while I laughed and laughed.


I love thread.

All kinds of thread.
This is DMC Floche, a twisted thread made from the finest long fiber cotton, mercerized to create a beautiful finish.

I love Paper

I collect old notebooks with a stitched binding: those days are gone.
I love paper.



My sleep was loaded with you.
We were in a rotating landscape of houses, alleys, garages.
Significant that the alleys were concrete and not black asphalt for white settings dominate my perfect dreams.
The scenes kept shifting but we remained together. We were consistently and successfully dodging something intangible.
You were awkward which charmed me and oddly decisive.
I thought you were tolerating me when a hidden affection escaped through your hands. I caught some of it when an abbreviated smile landed in my hair.
I woke rubbing my head and listening to the cries from various crows as they passed over the house.
I woke smiling.