Murphy Building. East St Louis

Some photos of the incredible Murphy Building a month before it was demoed in downtown, East St Louis. March, 2015.


We grow old

It was a tense week here at the manse.
I had taken Bellie to the Vet at the Humane Society on Macklind for her annual checkup. I felt that something was amiss with her skin and askd the Vet to check which she did. She said all was OK.
I didn't feel secure with that though, and the next day I had Bellie shaved at the groomer.
I noticed an odd, penny size, hairless growth on her thigh.
We went back to the Vet.
She had a mast cell tumor. The very next day she had surgery to remove it.
It was a cancerous mast cell tumor, low grade.
The surgeon called yesterday to tell me that she's missed some of the cells.
I don't get it. If you knew they were there how were they missed?


That time

I saw this bee yesterday.
He was drunk on pollen.
He told me to tell you Hello.


The Fifth Decade

You see the ice out there, I had said to Pist.
I know you're hungry, he said, I hear that.
Hurry then, the light is rancid. Broiled teeth!


Silk Shantung Handbag from the 50s

Yes, it's for sale. $50.

Vintage maracas from Cuba

Found in the Wild. There's a ban on selling these in the US so they are in my collection :)

The Heiress

A confection I made from an upcycled bridesmaids dress, buckram, balance, and position. I also made the freshwater pearl necklace.


Pist (exiting the bathroom): You've a full on arsenal of girl products in there.
Me: So how many did you use?
Pist: Uh...two...how's my hair look?
Me: Killer, baby.
Pist: Is that a Max Neiger brooch?
Me: Def Czechoslovakian but I doubt it's a Neiger. The smaller stones aren't rope bezel set.
Pist: But you like it?
Me: I love it. It makes my eyes roll up in my head with that intense blue and its delicate filigree.


My Neighborhood

Native to TGS, I attended Holy Family School and its damned church.
Jesus, how I hated Catholism.
We still stroll the alleys.
Most of the garages went up in the 50s when returning Vets had Union jobs amd were dads with skills and loved to build.