Email/Photos from Lesel - AKA Creative Thing - in Calif.

Always thinking of you...Christian. I spent Saturday walking around L.A. with old mail art pal, Michael Hyatt. I snagged these two photos for you. The art deco building is really stunning. I was only able to capture a glimpse of its beauty in this photo of the main entrance. The other one attracted me by the shadows of the fire escape. Love, C/T

Masonry and The Moon

Photos from the Harvest Moon party at the Deco Fortress last night which featured Sarah Jane & The Blue Notes - friend the band and The Deco Fortress on FB.


More Fire Escapes

Fire escapes on The Morrison Hotel in L.A. by friend and artists Leslie Caldera. Yes, that Morrison Hotel.
Mondrian windows and encased escape on Lucas and Hunt:
Two more via friend Darren Snow. Yes, that Darren Snow from Rocket 88:


Hail STL

I took these photos yesterday of a car on my block wondering if the padding was the car version of wearing a tin hat. About an hour later it occurred to me that this was an attempt to prevent hail damage. Which is plausible, we do get fist size hail.


Gorgeous Brickwork and Back on the Roof

This evening I was invited to The Deco Fortress for another rooftop soiree with my darlings Sarah Jane and Sam Meller. Ralph was there wearing one of Sam's City Renovators shirts.

I always marvel at the brickwork on the building next door and its wrought iron gate.

Ralph Meller:
And a sunset with sunbeams: