Gates in an Alley

Alley walk with Butter.

Sacred Pink Lotus seeds

I placed some Sacred Pink Lotus seeds in a glass to see if they'd do anything since they are small and perhaps not viable.
They've found each other.


My other Love

This morning I found a crow's foot in the alley and was profoundly saddened.
I examined it in the sunlight. The talons were not sharp but made to grasp and not puncture. They were more like jaws than a fistful of needles. The underside was padded like a dog's foot.
For the first time in 6 years I cried.


We have a Drone

We shall see.

Dear Boi

The last known photo of Dear Boi who traveled with me until her atlers broke off.
It's been a few years and I'm still working on a replacement companion.

The Remains of Angels

I took these photos years ago, three days after the fire.
I was really interested in the melted steel beams. Holy Angels Church, East St. Louis, Il



Historic Belleville

Me: I want to move here
Pist: No basements, only cellars.
Me: Blue state!
Pist: Really no reason to move, our homes were paid off years ago.
Me: How is that logical?