I love steel truss bridges

In warmer weather I hang here listening to some of the dozens of trains that pass. Steel rolling on steel is my favorite sound.


One of my Dreams about Barack Obama. My Forever President. 2020

In my dream I was in a massive hotel looking over a swelling river with a lot of other official people. Some doomsday effect was going down. Perhaps the river had ruptured and exhausted lives. Maybe the sun was leaking and we were all quarantined. Something deadly.
I had a bossy management position where comprehensive and authoritative decisions were expected.
I was tired. My teeth hurt and were being crushed by other teeth.
The party was contrived and rife with men.
I gazed at the bulging river through distorted hotel glass.
I liked the music being played in the room, upbeat in contrast to the view.
Barack Obama walked into the room. I felt relief.
Instantly everything changed. Someone offered him a drink. He was relaxed, happy, and not self conscious.
People were taking photos of him with their phones.
I asked him to dance and he stared at me.
I usually say the wrong thing so I only mildly flinched at his non response.
You're so short, he said. It would be like dancing with a child.
He lifted me onto an ottoman with casters and this is how we danced. With my hand on his shoulder he slid me about the room.
You can fix everything, I told him.
No, he said, i just know how to dance.