The Pillowcase on the Dashboard

No shit, I knew a batshit crazy MFer who had taped a pillowcase to the dashboard because the glove box door was missing..... maybe the dash was crushed.
It unnerved him. Made him jittery. He spoke of it incessantly while I was in his car. Pointed to it and told me not to look at it.
Took me to his parents house to see their collection of Native Pottery so he could raid their fridge for beer at one in the afternoon.
He was an exhausting drunk. Delusional. Boring. Insisted to himself/others that I wanted him.
That I wanted to look beneath the pillowcase.


The Crow

This morning the crow walked in and slapped several things on the table: an empty chip bag, some damp cardboard, a candy bar wrapper, a yellow plastic lighter, and three pennies. He arranged these in a circle, often glancing at me wanting a reaction.
Fine thanks, I said to him. And you?
He sighed.
Listen, he said, I need you to do some work for me. This is the payment and if it's not adequate I will bring more. It's sufficient and impressive, I told him. Consideration and work went into this collection.
His little chest swelled and he preened for a moment.
Why is your face red, he asked.
I've that fever beneath my skin, my ear is throbbing and swollen with infection.
He pushed the three pennies towards me. Here, he said with terrible pity, eat these now, you'll feel better.
I noticed they are all tails up. The Crow noticed too.
He looked away, embarrassed.