I inadvertently woke Pst who sleeps all day and works in a Lab all night (he's a very white man) with I Love Livin In The City.
I suppose snarlng along with the lyrics out loud was inconsiderate but I was really hankering to hear FEAR'S Fuck Christmas.
Pist: WTF IS THIS!? Me: Hey, you should have seen them live. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ptb-4p0198&list=TLPQMzAxMTIwMjNosKZVVXpydw&index=2&ab_channel=KicksInStyle

Antique Umbrella

From my personal collection.
The design of the stretchers beneath the canopy is astonishing.


Whose Street?

The geese crossing the street single file in Tower grove Park.
They are completely out of fucks to give.
Cars were backed up to Roger.



I've been thinking about Carrie this week. We had some great adventures together and because of her, I met my former beau, Rob Klingon.

This morning I found this ad Carrie had designed for my former retail store, RE:GENERATION.

Carrie was so funny. I often let her push me around because no one else dared. It was hilarious. I'd be at her apartment on Delmar having a conversation with someone when she would open the darkroom door and say, Get in here and print these photos.