Ivory Glazed Terra Cotta Cornice - 41 Hartford

Probably produced by Winkle Terra Cotta. Matching coping blocks and soldier brick vents on twin buildings.


Sold (For Sale: 1921 New World Altas)

I'm selling my Atlas from 1921. Cover condition is poor, contents are intriguing (and sometimes amusing). Price: 30.00. I can accept a pay pal payment (that will hold it until it can be picked up) please contact me via my profile page email addy.
Scroll down to see some of the graphs and photos.


Q: Why does that tree have bumps?

That's what a ten year old asked me last summer when I was walking Beau.
A: It has a virus.

Tumbleweed snagged on Cornice


The building on the north west corner of Grand used to be covered in black vitrolite. It was removed and replaced with black matte tile.

Vitrolite storefront on Morgan Ford Rd.

Vitrolite on walls in Christopher's bathroom.

Sphere: Grand and Wyoming

Parapet: Grand and Connecticut

Tile on storefront on Meramec east of Grand

20 years ago I took a series of print photos of the tiles on storefronts in China Town (San Francisco). If I ever have the time, I intend to rephoto and post here.

Grand Ave circa 1971- 1975

I believe all of this photos were taken by Walter Gunn.

North west corner of Grand and Juniata. Currently occupied by Jay Asia.

The Ritz (now a parking lot just south of Mangia).

South east corner Grand and Juniata. Razed, and now a parking lot.

Quoined Brick in TGS

TGS has a plethora of quoinage. If structural, quoins were part of load bearing walls; if decorative, they were made of a variety of materials including brick, stone and wood.

WPA Post office in Santa Barbara, CA.


Sarah & I go to Uncle Bill's then stroll Kingshighway Hills

Sarah came to visit over the holidays and suggested we go to Uncle Bill's. Now she's back in NY working on a masters in Neuroscience while this rocket scientist realizes I neglected to take a photo of her.
Love you, Sarah!

The corner of the building is actually an angle so the bricks cut a corner (my frst brick joke.)

Original mortar.

Wall sculpture in the Ladies

Then we took a walking tour.

Sarah thought this was a bricked in window but it's original to the building.
The brick bonds in K. Hills are superb.

What makes this building exceptional (other than the crazy brick bonds) is the popped out front that encloses the front doors. The first floor tenant gets the extra bonus of a stained glass window in the entry.

The copper roof rocks too.

Pop Quiz: Name the various courses of brick used on this house (no reading ahead).

Help me decide which is better, the herringbone brick bond or the leaded glass window.

Kennard School with its intricate glazed terra cotta.

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