PRM & MOO BRICK 2 emails within 48 hours

Within the last 48 hours I've received two email from different parts of the country about the PRM &MOO NO. 1 BRICK. One came from Wisconsin, the other is from (I'm assuming) New Orleans. Does anyone here have info to share with Scott and Nick?

Salamander Brickworks, abandoned gold mine, Black Hills, SD

Menomonee river, Milwaukee

Boiler, abandoned gold mine, Black hills, SD


The brick photos above are by Scott. I love the photo of the brick under clear water. I may like seeing clear water best.

The first is an email exchange with Scott with a funny subject line: I have a brick to show you

I stumbled across your blog while trying to identify a brick, it helped a lot. This brick was found in the Menomonee river in Milwaukee - right next to Miller Park baseball stadium. What are now the huge parking lots to the East of stadium used to be the Milwaukee Railroad yards. I sometimes go fishing for steelhead in the fall in this river and found this brick in a few inches of water. I left it there but when I returned the next time, I couldn't find it. I attached a photo, it's actually a nice one. I have another cream, half brick that says prm&m No. 1. I think I found it in the river too. I also attached a photo of a brick I found at an abandoned mine site in the Black Hills of SD. It is from the Salamander Fire Brick company in NJ. I'm sure it was used to surround the boiler that they used to run the machines. Please tell me the age of my river brick - if you know.

Hi Scott,
WOW, fabulous photos! May I post them on my post along with your email?

I don't know the age of your bricks, I am guessing early 19th century and that they were use as pavers. Some people who read my blog may have an answer and respond. I am only an amateur. People collect bricks. I encourage you to grab them and sell them on Ebay; they will go to caring collections. I've bought bricks on ebay and others do also.

What is that construction in the first photo, it looks like it was used for fire and mining for what?

Sure you can post it, I'd be honored. The fire bricks were used to concentrate the heat around the boiler, I think they just had a fire under it in the open space. You have bricks, I have abandoned mines in the Black Hills.

Mine entrance?

Old Mill Building

This second email included the photo below.

I saw a brick on your blog, and it says "PRM & MOO NO. 1 BRICK". On new years day I went on a tour of a plantation in New Orleans Lousiana, and went into an old slave quarters. The brick around the fire place was the PRM & M CO type as well, but these say Bullhead. I think the No. 1 is actually N.O. L as in New Orleans, Louisiana, and the brick is PRM & M Co. See the attached picture of the bricks on the fire place.

Originally I took a picture of the brick so that I could do some research on the brick company in order to find out if the domicile was authentic. I haven't found any info on the company. If you know anything about it, let me know.



Lynn Josse said...

Parker Russell of course was the company built on the clay deposits of TGS (located under the clay deposits of TGS, I belive?) They were mostly known as a fire brick manufacturer. The factory complex was located on the south side of McDonald and the east side of MorganFord. The building was at MF, but the yard extended to Bent (the site of McDonald park).

Todd Davey said...

I have a number of old bricks that are stamped that I'm trying to research. Does anyone know of a website that I can access to find out more about them?