My Dream House

Sure, I'd live here.
My friend Sarah told me about this house when visiting from NYC over the holiday.
Click on the title to jettison to Forgotten NY and read about The Howard & Jessie Jones house in Bay Ridge, which the AIA Guide deems "Black Forest Art Nouveau."

Sarah says the roof is 'rolling'. I don't care, I still want to play on it; how very Antonio Gaudi meets the Three Bears. Click on this photo to view the wave in the roof.


sonrie said...

I would live there, too. IT is absolutely dreamy.

Chris said...

Looks like it could be from Lord of the Rings.

Bad Tim said...

you asked me to comment on how the roof is made, but i'm afraid it's not very glamorous.

under the shingles, it's framed and shimmed to give that appearance. it probably looks similar to the framework of the statue of liberty.

Christian said...

OK. But what is the material? And will you email your brother in law for me already?