Richard. Pt 2

UPDATE: According to the blog counter this post has been read 4xs more than the others. Hafuckinghaha.
X, long time friend who reads here, emailed to say: That asswipe used to stand directly behind you at Heartbreak Hotel and stare at me whenever I tried to talk to you!(1*) No one understood why you were with him!(2*) We weren't his crowd. He was neither a musican or an artist.(3*)

OP: I was followed through the grocery store yesterday by an old & fat, bald man. I became aware of him when I lifted my phone to read a text and saw him over my shoulder staring at me. Aisle by aisle, he tailed closely behind me.
Weary of it, I reversed my cart mid aisle and bumped his cart behind me as he was trying to swerve. Oh, so sorry, I said as I looked at him. He quickly turned his head away. I noticed he was wearing doll eyeglasses.
An old man wearing *tiny* doll glasses, I was telling a friend later in the day.
Hold up, she said, I know who that is, we're online friends, and I'm texting a photo of him. She added, I *always* thought his photos look like yours. Now I know why, he stalks your blog, too!
With the photo she sent I realized I've seen the furious fat fuck walk and drive SLOWLY by my home several times. I've seen him while reading at my desk.
Dude, you are batshit cray.

#MeToo #ToxicMasculinity #GetOverIt #YoureAStalker #StillALoser #YouveLetYourselfGo #Dude40YearsAgo



Go with a man who speaks French.

Hey Bill

Update: What, you want the world premier? That would be so much fun!
I finally have all of that front & back yards video - 28 hours of it - edited and ready to go.
30K will cover it.


Nathan's home on the River

I drove down to look at the river which is where I met Nathan a while ago. I smelled a camp fire and disovered his house. We chatted. I was excited by his skills and resourcefulness. His house defines 'upcycle'. He also built the fence.
I asked him if he needed any cash and after many moments he said yes. I pulled out a handful of one dollar bills from my bag.
There was a brief silence and then I said, I am NOT a stripper!
He heartily laughed.
I returned today with several filled totes, a suitcase, and a backpack.
He was outside working on the place when I pulled up. I called to him, he waved and started over to the car. As I pulled out a suitcase from the trunk I announced I was moving in.
He heartily laughed.
I lived on the Streets for three months when I was 15. I also hitchhiked cross country during that time in 1969. It was an adventure I wouldn't want to repeat.


The Big Fuck Back

I inadvertently coined 'FuckBack'.
This occurred when some chump at in the Wild pressed his front against my back. I was trying to say get back and fuck off! He understood though, threw his hands to his shoulders and said, OK, OK!

The City is the New Black #2. Also St Louis Noir


The City is the New Black

The city's new nights are serious, dark, and dangerous. It’s gangster black with loud business. I can’t see the yard the moon, delinquent.
I hate it here.
I require a large building. One room for the chandeliers.
Outdoors for the dogs. One is in witness protection.
I haven’t any authority here, no recognition or acknowledgement.
It’s dark. I rub the taurus 9ml.
I’m greeted by damp whispers when open the door for the dogs. Thick with confusion the voices are rabid. I draw down but my finger doesn't slide.

One Tree

Showing out with an array of different colors on each branch.


I love my Life it's so much Fun

At Home Depot chatting with an employee while buying mulch.
Me: WTF is up with all these toilets?????
Her: Somebody REALLY over ordered. The over stock is out here.
Me: No shit?
Her: So to speak.
Me: Were they fired?
Her: We are wondering. There's more inside on a top shelf. (Escorting me to aisle A)
Me: This is *quite* spectacular.

The Baby

TinkerBelle needs a Goddess Mother.




The Drive, The Ferry, Meppin, IL, and TinkerBelle.

A couple of colorful drives to Meppen, IL in October.
I crossed a ferry on the Mississippi to Calhoun County and wondered what century it was. I mean, a ferry!?
I realized I had been singing, Over the River and Through the Woods.
I met TinkerBelle (yes, that Belle honors Bellie) a couple of weeks ago. I allowed another two weeks to puppy proof our house and yard while taking some October day trips to Pist's Beaumont Antire house.
She had a bath before leaving. The man who bathed her Allowed me to help bathe her. He had been caring for her and the other puppies there. He loved her. He cried as he placed her in my car. My heart broke for him.
Within 4 hours of being here she learned to climb up the steps.
She's 30 pounds.
She smells Bellie's presence and requested to snooze in her former place on the sofa.