Paging Larry Giles - Brass Plaque

Sent by Rich who found this blog while doing a search. I'd love to buy it but it must go to the St. Louis Building Arts Foundation. I thought it was a sidewalk plague.

This plaque is exactly 4" by 5". I found it (loose) on the floor of a back room of a building in North St. Louis. We were remodeling the building in some fashion. The year I found it was probably 1968, so I've had it for 40 years.

I have googled this thing 6 ways from Sunday, and haven't found anything or anybody, resembling or related to FF Hoffman.

Certainly u may post it. I have enjoyed the marker for 4 decades, but would be willing to sell it, and always wanted to find someone like yourself that really thought it was awesome, too.

BTW, it is unused, IE, it was never removed from masonry, it was just never installed. I always assumed that it was placed into brick walls; but do you think it was installed into cement walks?

Blue rubber chair

I bought this chair along with a matching love seat many years ago. It originally resided in Malcolm Bliss Psyche hospital so residents couldn't hurt themselves on the furniture.

White glazed brick

An incredible house in white glazed brick building. I'll be polite and not mention how it was ruined.

Give us a Kiss

Rotting peach.


Greetings from St. Louis!

I've over 2,000 vintage postcards but less than 150 of St. Louis.
More to come.

Pop quiz: Where was this bridge?

4960 Lacelde

Not the Admiral but another streamlined beauty called the Kalakala that never traveled the Mississippi. Funny scale!

Memorial Plaza

Mo Pac Hospital

Old Courthouse 1907

Muni Opera

Neon Vess bottle

The Fox

Washington University


There ain't no bugs on me

This is a story about a cracked tooth root and acrophobia.

No longer willing to ignore the pain in my mouth, I called Graydon Ballard of Downtown Dental and Clayton Dental. He's the best, go see him.

Dr Ballard graciously agreed to see me the next day when I paged him at home. This meant a trip to his downtown office on Olive in the Laclede gas building. I parked in the Famous garage out of a respect for nostalgia (I'll never call it Macy's)

I can't tell you what floor Dr Ballard is on other than twenty-something because my acrophobia extends to prolonged elevator rides. I usually distract myself by humming There ain't no bugs on me.

Once in the office I squirmed in the chair and was treated to yet another dose of radiation. See that mushroom looking tooth on the right? See the space in the root where there's nada? That's the cracked root.

Jen calls me a chomper. Some people grind their teeth while sleeping, I clamp them tight, no talking in my sleep for me, no. Chris told me I hum in my sleep, I may have been dreaming about an elevator.

While waiting to see Graydon I did some photo's of the Union Trust Building (thanks, Chris).

Massive and perfect arches:

Union Trust building clad with white terra cotta. DREAMY.

Back on the street:

Famous garage roof top.
I took a boyfriend here on a date. Neither of us owned a car and were living paycheck to same so we rode the bus downtown. I refused to tell him where we were headed and he was awed when we arrived here:

He's out there somewhere still recalling the Best Date of his life (and probably still living paycheck to same).

I actually had to brace myself against the wall behind me to take the photo, my acrophobia went into high idle once on the roof.

Sneaking up on the exit ramp:

This 'crack' near the spiral exit ramp about ended my life. OK, I knew it wasn't a crack but my brain screamed Run, NOW!

I took this interior photo of the exit ramp without looking.
I extended my arm over the top of the wall, aimed down, clicked, then ran!

Driving down the spiral ramp or homage to Gen Obata:

My acrophobia so is severe that the first time I saw this print in a show in Manhattan I had to sit down...on the floor.
Margaret Bourke-White on the Chrysler building:


Diaper Bond

Thanks to my conversation last night with my ex (the astonishing Dave Lewis) I learned the name of this brick bond is called diaper. Google images: diaper bond.

Art Deco Apartment Building w/ 'Sponge Brick'

View of the corner, The brick is one color on the face and another on the end:

Each door has a lead glass window of the rising or setting sun to greet residents when they leave or come home. The hand painted numbers were fired not applied.

When I die I hope it takes


Ground Breaking: Marti Frumhoff Memorial Garden

Almost one year to the date of supplying a plan to 10th ward alderman, Joe Vollmer, the ground breaking for Marti's Memorial Garden has begun!

For info on how to donate: http://www.martifrumhoffmemorial.org/

While the city is doing the work, we are raising funds to do the planting, provide benches and sidewalks, etc.

For Sonrie: Gray & green glaze bricks

Hey Sonrie:

I found this photo in my files. It's from 39 Connecticut here in TGS between Roger and Gustine. I recommend a stroll along this block, the brickwork is fabulous.

The photo serves to illustrate the use of face brick.
Called face brick because these ornate bricks faced the street and regular red brick was used on the sides and back of the buildings.

Click to enlarge, these are killer gray bricks.


Astonishing Palette

Caldwell Arms Apartment Building

This is the best (and most endearing) original mortar I've found to date. The patience and pride of craftsmanship is obvious.

Pop Quiz: Why are some apartment buildings called Arms?

This stairwell isn't visible from the parking area.


Art Deco Apartment building

South Kingshighway and Kings Drive.

Glass cubes along the outside of the stairwells

This little side building is tucked away from the front view.