Greetings from St. Louis!

I've over 2,000 vintage postcards but less than 150 of St. Louis.
More to come.

Pop quiz: Where was this bridge?

4960 Lacelde

Not the Admiral but another streamlined beauty called the Kalakala that never traveled the Mississippi. Funny scale!

Memorial Plaza

Mo Pac Hospital

Old Courthouse 1907

Muni Opera

Neon Vess bottle

The Fox

Washington University


Chris said...

That is the old Grand Viaduct over Mill Creek; I still get sad when I see pictures of that venerable old bridge.

Christian said...

Me, too.

One of my first memories is walking along Vandeventer Place with my older sister and Dad just prior to it being razed. I don't remember the drive there. All I recall is an overcast day, the median in the middle and my dad being distressed while we looked at the houses. I believe this memory exists because I was aware of my dad's sorrow.

He was familiar with Vandeventer Place because, as a child, he walked through it on his way to school on Bell from an apartment on Morgan Ford.

michael said...

love the postcards--that tinted B&W look--

(can't believe i used all mine up on correspondence)