Astounding 3-D brick house

I was driving along south Kingshighway this afternoon when I spotted a massive Art Deco building (more on that later). I took a turn to view the back of it and landed on the corner of King's Drive and West Court where I nearly swooned from excitement.

I discovered these three outrageous brick homes:

The two to the right are certainly prizes but the first (with the silver car in the drive way) had me literally screaming (sotto voice) with glee on the street.

I heard some noise from the back yard and introduced myself to the owner who told me all three houses had been built by one stone mason. The owner had lived 75 feet away from this house and stalked it for years. Then, during an estate sale at the home, he made an offer.

The red wire cut bricks extend 1.5 inches and along with the cast shadows boost the diamond pattern.

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