You Named Names

I'm Third Generation Ghetto on my Dad's side. He saidt.

My Brain makes beautiful things when I'm not thinking

Rotting Stare

See You Prime

The Hummingbird Dress

We make the soil, we cultivate while fighting rabbits.
My champion tomato, an indeterminate plant. I wear the red dress to be buzzed by Hummingbirds.

Water Walker


Cell Inventory

Likelihood ratios


I see your Teeth

The Mourning of Despair

Learned Escape

Friction Garden

The Saturation of Consciousness



TinkerBelle's 1st Birthday Party

All of us had a blast! Friends stopped by for the grown up lunch party.
We sang Happy Birthday.
Tinker-B swam in her pool covered with mosquito netting. Gifts, treats, and a cake!