Tim thinks this Modernist building in Granite City was designed by Harris Armstrong. The building was once a bank and is now the HQ for Granite City Steel. Part of the old bank interior has a bank of marble teller windows with a steel rail a la Mondrian. There's three little windows with chunks of Dalle glass.

The bank entrance has a modest steel slab sculpture in the front corner and enameled steel boomerang art on the interior wall (photos will follow if I get in later this week).

While we were looking in various windows a security guard pulled up and shooed us. The only information I culled from him was that all the steel used in the building had been produced at the Granite City Mill.

Here's Tim on the side of the building below enameled blue steel panels.

Full view of the building from the back:

Elevator tower with geometric design on the brick face:

Black brick with yellow flecks:

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