Excision, stage left

I've been off pain medication for four weeks, I was complaining to Charlene on the phone last week. It shows, she said, you're very crabby and you've lost your sense of humor.

OK, that was mean. I'm always funny.

I've been off pain meds due to having surgery today, Doctor H didn't want me to bleed out and not clot when cut.

Surgery: A 'suspicious' mole on my left breast. I drove to Clayton and rode up the elevator.

Office hallways are creepy:

So is a table that looks similar to a GYN's table. Dross!

There's the needle waiting for me on the counter! Nice size, it didn't even impress my needle phobia.

Doctor H and her tech yakked quite a bit about personal matters while cutting on me. Doc H's brother-in-law is 51, was recently diagnosed with tonsil cancer and is stage three. He's also a physician and father of three kids.
I was treated to his prognosis (not good) while avoiding looking over what's left of my chest. Cancer is rampant in Doc H's family (and extended family). It's terribly trendy these days.

I waited for a pause in the conversation and asked the tech to take this photo. That red outline is blood.

I scolded Doc H for talking over my open skin. If you have Hep C, it would be instant transmission! And what about that superbug?

Results in a week.
I am crossing my fingers, legs and eyes.

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