Oh dear, the dreaded cinder block garage! Painted green to blend in with all things outside?

In the late 50's my 'rents made a cinder block garage on 3964 McDonald. My sister was three at the time and tethered to a yard pole in a harness while the 'rents carried shingles up to the roof.

She wasn't digging the tethered business, took off her clothes to get the harness off and was brought home naked by a cop. (Know this: it doesn't run in the Fam and I've never been brought home naked by a cop. Can't touch this!)

Oh wait, my favorite story about her was when she was three and wearing diapers! She was running circles around the chair our dad was watching TV in when the diaper fell off. He didn't notice but she did. As she completed the next circle on the track, she tripped over the soiled diaper, picked it up and tossed it and (you guessed it) it hit my dad in the face!

There's Beau in the right hand corner getting ready to lift a hind leg while checking to see if I'm watching.

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