The Corner Store

Way back in the mid century in Tower Grove South many people didn't have cars (most families just had one) and did their grocery hopping within walking distance. Stillwell's Grocery was on Roger which is currently a furniture restoration business. Smaller 'confectionaries' were on every other corner with glass display cases of candy. They also carried the basic staples.

For the weekend family grocery shopping we drove to Kroger's on Grand (now Jay Asia).

There was a room in our basement called the root cellar where canned food was stored on shelves. Anything on sale was bought and hoarded there along with all the necessary items in the event of a nuclear attack from the Commies. It was my dad's version of a bomb shelter two decades after The Scare.

In the 70's this was called Brawley's Confectionary.


Kara said...

I appreciate this post on corner stores. Even in my more recent childhood there were still some corner stores, though I mainly went there for candy. My parents always drove to the supermarket for our groceries. I would really like to see the return of the corner grocery, but perhaps a larger, more modern version. We are fortunate to have so many grocery options within walking distance in TGS, but most people in St. Louis cannot walk to their nearest grocer making having a car a necessity just to get something as basic as food.

Matt Uzzetta said...

Thanks for including our business on your blog! Perhaps you should include a better (and more updated) picture! I think we certainly look better now than what we did in the past! :-) Thanks again!