2009. Fyler - The Paper Street

Last week I had an opportunity to meet with the owner of Keller Manufacturing on Fyler just west of Morgan Ford Rd. Click on the title above to link his business (I want one of these: http://www.gardexusa.com/commercial.asp)
Mr. Keller kindly answered my questions about his business, the buildings (made in 1961), how the street used to look before it was paved and some history of the street (below).
Keller Manufacturing is a series of buildings that I've admired for years: A paper street is a road or street that appears on maps but in reality remains unpaved. It generally occurs when city planners or sub-division developers submit plans that include such streets; and when changes occur, they are not removed or updated. Fyler was paved in the mid 60's. Sometime around the turn of the last century a company existed on Fyler, The Parker-Russell Mining Company, that manufactured terra cotta barrel tiles for roofing. The owner of the company had a series of tiny houses made across the street and along MGF that he rented to his employees: This hill was created when Fyler finally graded and paved. It's filled with broken pieces of terra cotta that previously cluttered the street. Bits of terra cotta: This is a typical house along Flyer. Four rooms: The living room and bedroom are upstairs, kitchen and bathroom are downstairs. No basements. No windows on either side of the houses. These houses across from Marti's memorial garden on Morgan Ford Rd were also employee housing.

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rwhendrix said...

Odd little houses. Strange floorplan. Funny how you go up the steps to enter but then would have to go back down to get to the kitchen, etc. Pretty cool.