Ruth's Brickyard

My neighbor Ruth bought a house in TGS two years ago. She tells a great story about weeding her yard and discovering the whole yard was full of historic bricks.

I've had dreams like this.

The original owner of her house owned a barrel tile company on Fyler and has a series of small houses made to rent to his employees. Perhaps one of the workers purchased the house and paved his yard, brick by brick.
Laclede King

Evens and Howard St. Louis Dr

AP Green Empire


Pittsburgh VP & B Brick Co

RP Green Ozark

Christy Gem

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rwhendrix said...

Thats a good find indeed. Ive came across some old pavers like these that I am trying to talk the owner out of. They too are covered up pretty well with dirt and grass. My mother will love having them in her new patio she is having constructed. When I aquire them I will post a pic of one here for you.