Head for the Hills

A few weeks ago Tim and I took a stroll in Kingshighway Hills to giggle at the outrageous details of the English Tudor Style (or Revival) homes.

In the 60s my Aunt had an apartment on Oleatha. When we visited my sister and I ran out of her building to skip along the novel interior sidewalk that cuts through the middle of the block.

5245 Lindenwood.
The door is carved and has a leaded glass window. It's for sale, click on the post title to view the interior.

Brick and limestone mosaic under an arch.

Crazy details abound: A massive limestone lentil over a window with brick work that cuts into the stone.

This house is completely made of Clunker bricks and borders one of the sidewalks.

Brick and stone with black vitrolite and a winding side walk:

Black vitrolite surrounds leaded glass windows with flower pots and a plant:

Crescent moon rising over a setting sun.

House with turret and crazy details:

See that 'trumpet' window below? When we first walked by we thought a kid had stuffed its big white plush dog against the glass. After admiring the house for a few minutes, the toy moved! It was a huge dog that had crammed itself into the space.
Check out that sheared brick work above the window.

Celestial details are everywhere. Click to enlarge to see the crescent moon and star leaded glass window.

Severe gables:

A few of the house have Roman tile roofs:

Below: One of the two sidewalks that are doubled in size to accommodate pedestrians, strollers, and wagons.

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