Hydraulic Press Brick Company

Henry Ware Eliot was the owner of the Hydraulic-Press Brick Company and father to T. S. Eliot. I found this page from an Architecture magazine from the 1920s.


Battra13 said...

Good to see you back, Christian! It's been a bit. :)

I love the architecture of the City Schools. Love it.


Christian Herman said...

I wonder about the fate of our historic public school buildings. The public school system in STL is a huge controversy and I haven't been able to follow the changes.

I had organized a meeting about the fate of Mann School in March 09 that was held on site in response to Mann being shuttered and demolished.

I remember (because I'm very old) when Mann school in TGS had terraced grass (similar to Fanning school). The terraces were leveled and paved.

Being self employed and having issues with my hands prevents me from having the time and inclination to post more than once a week :) I need a grant to research brick!

Did you make it to Remains?
I'm ever so fascinated with post-consumer industry.

kristan said...

Thanks for the post. I have a bunch of sidewalk bricks stamped "hydraulic" - nice to know their history.

Unknown said...

I am looking for any information on the American Pressed Brick Company in St. Louis (Welston). It was owned by my paternal great grandfather, Edward Ryan. Thanks.

Jerry Michels