How to Eliminate Lawn Mover Emissions

Because I preparing for the inevitable infirmary last summer I eliminated the front lawn:

This was achieved by putting down layers of wet newspaper and covering them with mulch. The tree lawn has been planted with drought tolerant laripoe. No more mowing.

Here's an extreme example of eliminating mowing, pave the damn yard!
Cute, that the asphalt was painted green.

This house is located in Southwest Gardens but it's still The Hill to me.


Chris said...

Reel lawn mowers work great too. I have one myself.

sonrie said...

I would love to convert the rest of the yard to a non-mow situation (especially the hilly front yard. My husband cuts our grass with a push blade mower...no emissions, noise or fuel.

And that house at the bottom does look like it's on the Hill. There are several more 'no mow' yards on the Hill...some are pretty interesting.

Lana said...

That ace landscaping job is near me...it used to be covered in astroturf: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/171/466514046_53c0991bc6.jpg