Gas Tank remediation on Morgan Ford

A few days ago I noticed the gas tanks at Morgan Ford and Oleatha were being removed. I stopped to talk with some of the worker's who told me the removal was 'financed by Obama's stimulus package.'

An environmental scientist was on site and said his job was to test the soil
for contamination. The huge hole was about 15 feet deep. Every few feet of digging the work would stop and he'd take a sample from the bucket. He'd put it in a zip lock bag and let it sit to let any gas evaporate. Then he inserted a probe for a reading. When the soil stops testing clean they stop digging and removed the soil to be taken off site to be 'cleaned'.
The probe:

The hole is filling filled with the white gravel on the right side.


tobyweiss.com said...

Thanks for reporting what's happening there. Was wondering why they were busting up the first inklings of a community garden.

With remediation, does this mean someone bought the property to build something new on it?

Christian Herman said...

I don't know anything about the property being for sale.

I'll ask for a report from one of the volunteers who was working in the garden.

Christian Herman said...

Response from Kathy Friction:
"I volunteered at the garden last summer and we've decided not to work on it any longer. We've been told that there are parties interested in the land. We decided it wasn't worth trying to grow something this season. We felt that it was more likely that a deal would go through quickly and any work we did would be lost."