The Kingshighway Viaduct and Skate Park

I read (click on the title) that the demo of the KHW viaduct is starting soon and wanted to revisit the area below the deck. I had the willies driving down the rumble strewn road along the east side but was enchanted to encounter a large group of friendly men and their underground DIY skate park complete with freestanding ramps and a recently created 'pool'.

I also had a great chat with the author of http://we-are-the-city.blogspot.com/

It was baffling to discover a dumpster under the bridge.
I called my 10th ward alderman Joe Vollmer. He said he's supportive of them being there -hence the dumpster - and wants to work with them to develop skate parks in our ward.

Reinforced piers:

Missing parapet:

In the middle of the photo there's a small figure, one of a group of boys who'd discovered the LRA board up had been removed:

Cracks in the piers

Entrance to the viaduct from South Kingshighway

Downspout encased in concrete:


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the demo will be happing soon. From driving on the deck surface it's clear the structure is in bad shape. Your pictures illustrate what I saw when I ran under there a week or 2 ago, my eyes literally bugged out of my head at the condition of the structure. I have never seen anything in that bad of shape...how is it still standing?

I do feel bad for the skate park guys. As you said they are very friendly and have made good use out of a location most people don't want to do anything with. Additionally they help keep criminals or bums from creating a home there. I would love to see them able to find a similar space under the new viaduct.

Christian Herman said...

The new viaduct will be enclosed.