Tension Member

A few weeks ago I was sitting in a Doctor's waiting room looking at a magazine when I noticed an article about the book my friends were praising: American City: St. Louis Architecture: Three Centuries of Design (click on the tile) and noticed the photographer was William ZBaren, an old friend I haven't see since my 20s. I emailed him through his web site and learned he was visiting St. Louis last week and I met with Bill and his partner, Robert Sharoff, for dinner.

I mentioned to Bill that it was serendipitous that we had both lived on Flad Ave. Flad was Eads chief engineer on the bridge and Bill, knowing my appreciation of the bridge, gave me a print of his photo.
I grinned the entire drive home.


Yesterday I drove down to the river just to focus on the eyebars (tension members) on the bridge:

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