Our Visit to Jeff Co

I grabbed company and road tripped to Beaumont Antire in Jeff Co today to experience and document the landscape, the arcane, what's been discarded and left to deteriorate, and to take in the sights.
We were tourists. Snarky urbanites.
  • We confident posed as bitches on wheels.

  • I presented twisted narratives for the sites we visited because these places have movie set attributes. The mood was noir on an overcast day at times overtly baffling amidst a landscape drenched in October light. It was Jim Thompson-ish (author of The Killer inside Me and The Grifters) .

  • We encountered compelling sights like the old and salvaged STL City light poles on a single unpaved road that housed 10 trailers. And consider that David Lynchish street sign. The fire hydrant on the crest of the hill near a rusted trampoline with an alarming view of the valley.
  • Jump higher!

  • One of the trailers made me stop the car when I noticed a smaller trailer parked behind it. I was laughing so hard my road guest watched mystified until I could say: Look, they bought their trailer a little trailer!

  • Darren photographing Beau:
    The Big Valley:
    We speculated that this bucket tied to a branch was a trap but only because we wanted to scare ourselves.
    In the floodplain. Darren is going in to inspect the water damaged and abandoned club house.
    Seed pods:
    Darren's work:
    Darren's photo of Beau whose other name is Running Cloud:
    Wearing a halo of reserve and squinting into the wind. Photo by Darren Snow.
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