Saying Goodbye to The Kingshighway Street Viaduct

Why is the parapet open on my left side to traffic? There was a bus stop on both sides at the top of the viaduct. Employees of the former Ravarino & Freschi Pasta (R & F Pasta on Kingshighway and Shaw - NE corner) used this bus stop.

View from one former bus stop looking across Kingshighway at the northbound stop.

At the bus stop looking south.


GMichaud said...

Great photographic tour of the viaduct. The one thing I am surprised about is they spent tons of money putting those garish lights up, and then modified them after it was apparent that the lights were total overkill. Surely they had to know the viaduct needed replacement at that point. I don't get why they spent the money for the lights.

Christian Herman said...

Hey there!
I wish I had your email, please email me directly if you still have mine.

I think you are confused about the viaduct?
The other viaduct, to the north of this one, was outfitted with all of those crazy lamps in the 80s. So many rocks were tossed at the globes that they were moved up and perched atop the parapet.

This is the viaduct between Southwest and Shaw that is being replaced in July. No access for two years.