LaClede Wallac Brick

Manufactured in the Dogtown area of St. Louis and given to me by my friend, Charlene. Sometimes I will arrive back at The Brick house to an email that says, Check you back Gate to discover the Brick Fairy has left some gifts for you.


Melony said...

Hello -

I have a number of cream colored bricks in my back patio with the name Laclede Wallac on them. Can you tell me a bit more about these (historically speaking)and what value they may have?
Do they have any connection with Washington Irving Wallace's property in Laclede County MO?

Christian Herman said...

I research on google and talk to elderly neighbors about brick so I can't provide any more info on this particular brick other than, no relation to Irving Wallace's property. As far as value, condition is critical to brick collectors and I find mine on Ebay, from friends or by chance.