White Cascade Brick

I was driving down the 41 block of Utah when I spotted this pile of white cascade bricks, slammed the brakes, pulled back and gazed with that feverish excitement that concerns my closer friends.

I debated poaching just one but broad daylight is a deterrent. I left a note in the mail box flat out begging for some of it and the home owner graciously called.

I listened to a half hour rant about a forgivable loan program snafu that involved a city contractor taking the money and running and leaving her porch demoed. I have to mention this because it was A LENGTHY RANT. I figured if I held on long enough there would be a pay off.

I now have 12 of these bricks. They remind me of what I call Wave brick. These are new (much to my disappointment) and have three holes. BUT THEY ARE WHITE!

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