Painted brick: The worst in Hooiser Rehabbing

Are you fuckers out of your minds painting historic brick!? Do you realize how offensive this is? It's WORSE than white vinyl siding, it's worse than finger nails on a chalk board and it's way worse than a David Lynch movie!

Brick is of the earth. It resonates with Outside. If you must get stupid with the paint, please paint the interior of your home with these absurd colors. Also know that within a year the exterior paint will start to peel and chip.

Most offensive:
38XX Wyoming.

I was driving along the street when I slammed the brakes in front of this mess. I've spared a detail photo which would reveal the wood trim on the basement windows painted brilliant blue. Take a pulse stopping gander at the hideous Home Depot front door. To relieve the horror of viewing this crapola, glaze to the right at the beautiful brick arch above the entry way.

One of the few carriage houses in Tower Grove South that some jerk painted a puke green.

Sure, paint the massive brick building.
Click on this image to enlarge it - peeling paint!


swilkeshapiro said...

The paint on the building at Grand and Fairview (bottom photo) is horrible. It was peeling just months after the first application. Also note the overspray on the adjacent building...

One of the most common reasons for painting is, of course, to avoid repointing - the combination of which does double damage to the masonry over time.

Christian said...

Steve! What is the rationale that paint over brick will replace mortar?