I had emailed the mayor of Granite City with a few questions and he provided email addressees of those who could answer.

One of my questions was about the Zephyr, the other about the architect of my favorite (and only) Modern building in Granite. I was referred to Joe Ribbing at US Steel.

His response:
The engineer/architect was Sverdrup and Parcel Inc. from St. Louis. Construction started in June 1958, the building was completed and opened for business in February 1960. The "L"-shaped structure originally housed both Granite City Steel's main offices and the First Granite City National Bank. The bank utilized the 2- story section along 20th Street, while the steel offices, now U S Steel, Granite City Works, occupy the 5- story section along State Street. Currently, the bank section is vacant and is being partially utilized for document and material storage. As such, we respectfully decline your request to take interior photographs of the facility.

Click on the title above to read about Sverdrup and John I. Parcel.

Side view, black bricks!

Back view, enameled steel

BTW, I've been at this for decades, writing to people for answers. It all started with Hostess Sno-balls. I just had to know who designed Sno-Balls. All I remember is they were designed in 1947 but have gone lost my correspondence. Of course I just emailed them.

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Robert Powers said...


I knew I wasn't the only one who loved this building.

Too bad they wouldn't let you go photograph inside. I'd love to see a better view of the faceted glass in the banking area, and that main building lobby is to die for.