Afflicted with the Flue

Art Deco meets gingerbread in the Kingshighway Hills neighborhood.

I've been stalking this house for years!

Today as I was stalking it I noticed a car parked smack dab in front of it and concluded the owner was in.
I rang the bell, a woman appeared in the door and I suddenly realized I hadn't practiced my usual Hi, I'm not a Scientologist or a Mormon greeting.

She tolerated my overt enthusiasm as she opened the door and answered my questions.

I had imagined the tower was a fireplace and the small glass windows around it allowed for flickering light. No, it's the flue for the furnace in the basement.
Get this, she paid 130,000 for it 7 years ago.

Not the original storm door but check out that oak door.

Flashing (not original) was added to the stained glass windows perhaps to protect the wood frames. Bummer.

'Sponge' brick. Dreamy.

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