Click on the title to read the Garabungalow info I found on the web.
This building is located across the alley from my garage and its puzzled me over a decade. There's no garage door facing the alley just bricked in windows.

I stalked it until last year when new neighbors arrived and I wrangled an invitation into the back yard and confirmed my suspicion that this building housed the original owner while the Big House was being built in front of the Lot.

The garage door that exists in the front of the building was added during the early 60's. This info comes from another neighbor who has lived on my block for 50 years. It's also the only home on the block that has a drive way from the front to the back.

Beau likes to get in my photos. See that white blur? That's why his native name is Running Cloud.

I think these are the original entry doors. Door on the left has a mail slot.

Brick flu for the stove:

Oak floor boards:

Alley view with bricked in windows.


sonrie said...

i also enjoy speculating about the ages and original purposes of buildings...i live in s. city too and like to take walks through alleys just to see what is different from the street. there is something I would be you would want to photograph, let me remember the name of the street (alley). I'll get back to you.

Christian said...

Hey Sonrie!
My email is on my profile page, contact me anytime.

rwhendrix said...

I like the simple archwork over the door and windows. I am looking to do something like that for my garage. I dont know if I will lay the brickarches down as in those photos or soldier style upright.