Steak and Shake's white bricks

Two emails to Steak and Shake with no response.

I had asked if the brick cladding on the building was granite or manufactured. Granite would be expensive. Any thoughts?

I love Steak and Shake stores with the black and white exterior and matching landscaping.

The bricks are as white as Marilyn Monroe's hair (which she called pillow case white). Crappy photos. They don't capture with accuracy the brilliant white and the flecks of (I think) quartz.


ty.ro said...

I'm no expert, but these seem like cast bricks (ie. concrete masonry), but just using a special mix to achieve the coloration and sparkle you describe.

brian said...

You pointed out something I've never noticed: The bricks on Steak n Shake are not painted. Huh, I always just assumed they were because, as you said, they are incredibly white.