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I hit the wrong key while half awake and this comment didn't get posted:
brian has left a new comment on your post "The Big Cut":

How depressing. Glad someone else has cut back like I have. Sometimes I feel like such a loser. Your post made me feel better because I'm not the only one.

What are these light bulbs and where do I get them? Are those the ones that are twisted like a phone cord?

Brian, I was bragging and writing about deliberate choices. I have everything I need but then I am a couple of days away from turning 56 so I had a head start. There's a few things I haven't given up: Smoking (working on it!), hair color (at this point it's naturally black and gray. I would be happy to have white hair, I just can't deal with the black), and dining out. Not only am I a talentless cook, I don't like eating food I've prepared unless its a sandwich.

The CFL bulbs can be bought at any hardware or grocery store. There's a local chain that has a 10.00 off on some Thursday. Look at the flyer that hits your mail box on Monday, it's advertised in there. Spend 50.00, get 10.00 off. You can then get the lightbulbs (that look like an ice cream cone to me) for free.

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