Art and Brick Part 2

A word?
Jackson Pollack was notorious for public urination and infamous for his legendary emission into Peggy Guggenheim's fireplace.
He liked to whip it out and heavy drinking provided justification.

Pollack spent many hours with a hand against brick walls peeing. I submit at one point he looked straight ahead at a brick and glanced into his future.
Pollack painting:

Detail of iron ore in brick:

I'm not dissing Pollack, he's one of my favorite painters.
My point is I believe Abstract Expressionist painters studied spent some time observing face brick.

That reminds me, many years ago I an article in a national Arts publication about Franz Kline. The writer had toured Kline's studio after his death and wrote about a telephone book that had pages and pages of small paintings where Kline supposedly practiced his gesture strokes.

Any painter will tell you he was cleaning his brushes.
Give me a break.
Kline's bold gesture strokes needed scale and an extensive range of movement. He painted with his arms and not his fingers.

I imagined telling this to Armin and hearing his laughter.

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