Top photo picks of 2009

The past few years I've posted my top brick photos during December.
This year I'm posting some of my all time favorite photos.

Abandoned wasp nest pretending to be an incoming meteorite:

Tracks in TGS:

Paw print in brick:

Mortar joint:

Marti Frumhoff: St. Louis Activist and brick hugger. RIP.

View from the roof of 3410 Oak Hill:

Gothic arch:

Visiting artist Lesley Caldera:

Jen's gangway garden and window detail:

Holy Family School and bricks:


Diamond Brick:


Blue bricks:

Here kitty, kitty

Art Deco building Kingshighway Hills:

Blue coral

Beau photos:

Paw and foot

Beau in the snow:

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rwhendrix said...

Hey, I have some salvaged bricks I reused on my outdoor furnace house chimney with animal paw prints on them. much like the pic you have posted here. I thought they were very cool too.